Scientific Measures

September 16, 2021 | Fifth-graders can now make quick scientific measurements.  They received six trundle wheels for use in their paper airplane labs and other scientific experiments.  Now they’ll have more flight/experiment time as less time is needed to measure their results.


September 4, 2021 | Friends has a new Know & Grow product, Dot-to-Dots!

Our first set of dot-to-dots titled “My first dot-to-dots” are ready to be delivered to classrooms on Tuesday!

These first three books are the “can’t get lost” series as the numbers follow one another in a simple progression. While the kids simply think of dot-to-dots as fun, they are learning to count, developing fine motor skills, and building confidence!

Keep tuned for more dot-to-dots to come!

Geo Shapes

August 26, 2021 | Can you name all ten of these shapes? If not, just ask a Dinsmore Elementary first-grader later this year! Each student will now be able to handle and explore a bag of geometric solids as they learn.

Etch A Sketch…New!

August 18, 2021 | Forget the two white buttons! Etch A Sketch now has a pencil. And, colors!

Kindergarteners can now enjoy practicing their handwriting on these new devices.

Cool…back to school!

August 10, 2021 | Thanks Farmers Federal Credit Union for providing 200 students with insulated lunch bags. What a cool way to start the new school year!

Save the Date

July 19, 2021 | Don’t forget…Saturday, August 7, 2021 is a school beautification workday! It only runs from 8:30am to 11:00am. So, don’t miss out!

This workday is the spruce-up-before-school-starts workday to pick up litter, sticks, and spread some new mulch.

Come and let’s keep the front of the school looking nice! Just bring your garden gloves and perhaps a rake. Trash bags and tools will be available.

Make It Happen!

July 11, 2021 | Even though we’ve only been incorporated since 2019, our volunteers have already proved we are a stable organization that can “make it happen.” Together we’ve accomplished a great deal in each of our focus areas:

  • Know & Grow
    • Each year we produce 7,150 Know & Grow wordbooks for kindergarteners and first-graders that align directly with the classroom curriculums.
    • Each year we print and ring 37,000 flashcards for kindergarteners and first-graders that alight directly with the classroom curriculums.
    • All first-graders now have Bananagrams for use in the classroom.
    • We are expanding Know & Grow by adding a dot-to-dot books.
    • Learn more
  • Science Enrichment
    • Funded Mystery Science – both the subscription and the activity supplies – for three consecutive years for all grade levels.
    • Provided weather and human body teaching tools to enrich fifth-grade science.
    • Learn more
  • School Beautification
    • Secured $15,000 in grants for school beautification.
    • Established school beautification volunteer days (twice annually).
    • Purchased and installed an Outdoor Classroom.
    • Learn more
  • Reading Buddies
    • Established a K to 2 tutoring program that was so successful that every teacher now wants multiple tutors.
    • Will restart once COVID restrictions are eased.

We welcome new volunteers! Become a Friend today and learn about volunteer opportunities as they are posted. There is NO cost to be a Friend.

Goals for 2021-2022

June 28, 2021

Know & Grow

  • Continue and enhance our Know & Grow literacy program for kindergarteners and first-graders. Learn more
  • Re-start the volunteer Reading Buddies (formerly named K to 2 Tutoring) for kindergarteners and first-graders once COVID restrictions are eased.

Science Enrichment

  • Enrich science for all grade levels by continuing to provide the Mystery Science subscription and activity supplies. Learn more
  • Beyond Mystery Science, enrich the fifth grade science program with teaching tools and activity supplies. Learn more

School Beautification

  • Beautify and restore the grounds to instill pride and set the example of how a property should be maintained. Learn more


  • Encourage the community to get more involved with the school (once COVID restrictions are eased).

We look forward to continuing to serve the students (and teachers!) of Dinsmore Elementary. Become a Friend today by simply signing up to receive emails!

Coca-Cola Give

June 21, 2021 | Did you know that if you give your Coca-Cola bottle caps to the school, Dinsmore Elementary gets a check?

Donations go directly to the school administration for use at their discretion. The school now receives about $50 each quarter.

With your help, we can easily quadruple that donation! Simply save any bottle cap with a product code. Also, cut out the product code printed on a box’s paper packaging. Drop them by the front office. It is that simple!

Below is how much each product code is worth.

United Way Workplace Campaigns

June 14, 2021 | Are you already contributing to United Way? Did you know you can designate Friends of Dinsmore Elementary, Inc. as your nonprofit charity? That way, 100% of your contribution will benefit the students at Dinsmore Elementary!

No matter where you live and work, you can designate your United Way Workplace Campaign dollars directly to Friends of Dinsmore Elementary, Inc. (EIN 83-3477623).