ABCs & Numbers

Writing Practice

Magic Board

The board has 1 1/8″ baselines printed right on the screen—so it’s easy to practice writing! Children just use the permanently attached magnetic pen to write on the board…then slide the eraser bar to wipe it clean! Develops skills in fine motor control and writing. Number available: 4

2-in-1 LeapTop Touch

Kids can learn about letters, numbers, music and more on a laptop that’s made just for them. Open the laptop to see the screen in keyboard mode, then close the laptop and watch the screen magically swivel into tablet mode. The laptop features an A-Z keyboard and number buttons 1-10, while the tablet features a touch screen. Five learning modes–ABCs, Numbers, Games, Music and Messages. Number available: 1

Spare batteries are available.

Scribble and Write Tablet

Children trace the lights to get practice writing upper- and lowercase letters AND numbers. New instant accuracy feedback mode teaches proper stroke order and correct letter shapes through verbal feedback and the opportunity to try again. Designed for both left- and right-handed children, the tablet’s easy-grip stylus was engineered to encourage proper finger placement and pencil control. Number available: 1

Spare batteries are available.

Engagement Pack

Letter Identification

They’ve packed fun letter practice into this take-home pack! Play a hands-on game that boosts children’s ability to identify letters. The pack includes a game board, 52 fish tiles, a sand timer and 2 drawstring bags—all in a sturdy vinyl pouch. Number available: 1

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Snap & Slide Number Bonds

Kids just write a number from 1 to 20 on top of each board, snap on the counting pieces and slide them into two groups to show as many number combinations as possible! Develops skills in addition, number sense and composing and decomposing numbers. Number available: 2

Dry erase pens and wipes are nearby in the same cubby hole.

Math Center Sorting Animals

Kids sort cute farm animals by color, size & more! This center features 4 illustrated sorting mats and 48 farm animal counters…kids just place the animals onto each mat—learning to recognize attributes as they sort and play. Number available: 3

Tactile Numbers Match-Ups

Each match-up has 2 simple, self-correcting pieces. Numbers 1-30. Children just match numbers to quantities—then trace the tactile surface of the number with their finger to build pre-writing skills! Number available: 2

Alphabet Flash Cards

Hold up each card. Say the letter out loud and say the object illustrated. Number available: 1

Counting Flash Cards

Say the number out loud and count the objects illustrated. Number available: 1 each

Number Match

This game teaches basic number concepts from 0 to 10. Each number has three cards with the number, the number word, and the corresponding number of honey pots. When the number sets are correctly matched, the backs of the cards from a full=color scene from the Hundred-Acre Wood.

Counting & Groups Flash Cards

Children learn to count objects one by one. To build on counting skills, introduce your child to counting by sets, or fast-adding. Choose a card with pictures or dots and ask your child to count these. Then point out how the objects/dots are arranged in groups. Say to your child, “4 plus 4 plus 3 make 11.” Your child will learn to recognize sets by sight to perform fast-adding in his/her head. Number available: 1 each

Writing Practice

Dry Erase Board

These two-sided dry erase boards have ruling on the front, and blank space on the back. The front also has upper and lower case lettering to helped guide the kids in their writing. Number available: 6

Dry Erase Pupil Board

12″ x 18″

Made from a high quality melamine laminated base with an unruled (blank/plain) surface for free-form writing, learning games, and more. Small size is perfect for youngsters to handle. Number available: 4


A selection of workbooks, books, and manuscript paper is provided for you to give to your students. Look for the magazine holder marked “Giveaways.”