September 4, 2021 | Friends has a new Know & Grow product, Dot-to-Dots!

Our first set of dot-to-dots titled “My first dot-to-dots” are ready to be delivered to classrooms on Tuesday!

These first three books are the “can’t get lost” series as the numbers follow one another in a simple progression. While the kids simply think of dot-to-dots as fun, they are learning to count, developing fine motor skills, and building confidence!

Keep tuned for more dot-to-dots to come!

Geo Shapes

August 26, 2021 | Can you name all ten of these shapes? If not, just ask a Dinsmore Elementary first-grader later this year! Each student will now be able to handle and explore a bag of geometric solids as they learn.

Etch A Sketch…New!

August 18, 2021 | Forget the two white buttons! Etch A Sketch now has a pencil. And, colors!

Kindergarteners can now enjoy practicing their handwriting on these new devices.

Know & Grow Thanks!

May 18, 2021 | Each school year kindergarten has 31 weekly wordbooks and first grade has 34.  Each week, 110 are printed.  That is 7,150 Know & Grow wordbooks per school year.

Flashcards are produced for each quarter.  Kindergarten has 237 flashcard words and first grade has 100.  Each quarter, 110 are printed.  That is 37,070 Know & Grow flashcards punched and ringed.

Thanks for Kristina Bradley and her son, Tobias, for assembling the kindergarten wordbooks (pictured). Tobias Bradley is a Dinsmore Alum!

Thanks to Janet from Faith Baptist Church for assembling the first grade wordbooks.

Thanks to Roger for ringing the flashcards.

Thanks to Barbara Willson for composing suberb sentences for the first grade wordbooks.

Thanks to both the Walmart Superstore at River City Marketplace and Lem Turner for providing the paper!

Word Families

March 7, 2021 | Another Know & Grow product is ready for testing! A set of 42 letter groupings have been neatly stored for each child to have his/her own set. One classroom will test the product and, if it works, all first-graders will receive a set for use in the classroom.

“I don’t remember learning about word groups. But, my husband does. He remembers when the ‘light bulb’ went off. He learned to spell ‘ship’ and realized by changing out the letters, he could spell another word. He had no problem reading from that day forward.” ~ Linda

Hopefully these letter combinations will help children become more literate – although perhaps with different letter combinations!


February 21, 2021 | Thanks to a private donor, all first grade classrooms have Bananagrams! Each bag contains the letter tiles a child will need to spell out his/her sight words. As part of the Know & Grow literacy program, these lower-case letter tiles will be used for years to come!

Are These Grade A Bananas?

February 3, 2021 | Friends has provided one first grade classroom with letter tiles. They come in conveniently packaged green bananas! If the letter tiles help the children learn their sight words and earn a Grade A for convenience, Friends will provide a set to all first grade classrooms.

Thanks Again Walmart

January 7, 2021 | We are lucky to have two Walmart stores nearby. We just received a $400 grant from Walmart Giving. Both Walmart Supercenters near the school are now providing paper for the Know & Grow Wordbooks!

Thanks to the Walmart on Lem Turner Road for forwarding our grant application to Walmart Giving!

Thanks Walmart!

December 4, 2020 | Great news! We just received a $500 grant from Walmart Giving to purchase paper for the kindergarten and first grade Know & Grow Wordbooks!

Thanks to the Walmart at River City Marketplace for forwarding our grant application to Walmart Giving!

Be a flashcard volunteer!

This volunteer opportunity has been filled. Thank you, Roger!

November 18, 2020 | We have another opportunity that is COVID-friendly! A volunteer is needed to punch and ring the Know & Grow flashcards for kindergarteners and first-graders. We already have volunteers for the wordbooks – Janet assembles kindergarten wordbooks and Kristina assembles first-grade wordbooks!

Every quarter, each kindergartener and first-grader receives their own Know & Grow flashcards. You’ll be supplied everything you need: printed cardstock cut to flashcard size, an easy to use hole puncher that can punch up to 30 pages at once, and the binding rings.

To volunteer, please email Linda at