How is Friends of Dinsmore Elementary funded?

Friends funding includes individual donations, grants, and business sponsorship and partnering. Friends will never solicit parents or students for donations. When requested, Friends will fully support fun school-sponsored events and that may include collecting or managing funds. However, Friends was founded to solicit untapped revenue sources and external volunteers.

Who will decide where the money raised by Friends of Dinsmore Elementary is spent?

The principal and teachers will identify needs within the school and articulate those needs to the Friends. Friends will then strive to deliver on those needs that align with the nonprofit’s mission. Rather than simply providing money to the school, the nonprofit will deliver a full service solution making sure the improvement comes to life for as many students as possible. The Board is currently comprised of two former students, the school principal, and a community member.

Is Friends of Dinsmore Elementary school-sanctioned?

Friends is an independent organization based outside of the school, but whose efforts solely benefit Dinsmore Elementary students. The school values and wants the support of Friends of Dinsmore Elementary.

How can I get involved?

Friends of Dinsmore Elementary has many opportunities for volunteers and we hope to attract former students, parents of former and current students, family members, friends, and people in the community. In addition, Friends wants to establish partnerships with organizations and businesses.

I can’t make a significant financial donation to Friends of Dinsmore Elementary, but I want to be involved…

Every donation is significant whether it’s $1 or $10,000. View shopping and dining options wherein a percentage of your purchase is donated – and it costs you nothing extra. Remember…a contribution of volunteer hours is a donation as well!

How is Friends of Dinsmore Elementary different than the PTA?

Friends was formed in 2019 as “money was being left on the table” that could benefit Dinsmore Elementary students. Seeking grants and partnering with businesses is not a primary function of the PTA; PTAs focus on advocacy and do not exist to raise money. While both are 501(c)(3) organizations, Friends was created to fill the voids.

Where can I view the Friends tax returns?

GuideStar receives Forms 990 directly from the IRS. View the May 31, 2019 IRS Form 990 on GuideStar.