Know & Grow Thanks!

May 18, 2021 | Each school year kindergarten has 31 weekly wordbooks and first grade has 34.  Each week, 110 are printed.  That is 7,150 Know & Grow wordbooks per school year.

Flashcards are produced for each quarter.  Kindergarten has 237 flashcard words and first grade has 100.  Each quarter, 110 are printed.  That is 37,070 Know & Grow flashcards punched and ringed.

Thanks for Kristina Bradley and her son, Tobias, for assembling the kindergarten wordbooks (pictured). Tobias Bradley is a Dinsmore Alum!

Thanks to Janet from Faith Baptist Church for assembling the first grade wordbooks.

Thanks to Roger for ringing the flashcards.

Thanks to Barbara Willson for composing suberb sentences for the first grade wordbooks.

Thanks to both the Walmart Superstore at River City Marketplace and Lem Turner for providing the paper!