Our current Know & Grow products are described below. All products were requested/inspired by classroom teachers. Kids love owning their own wordbooks and flashcards and they love to keep their hands busy.

Know & Grow Wordbooks

The books measure 5½” by 4¼” – just the right size for a child’s hands.  Two pages are devoted to each sight word a child is expected to learn – 237 words in kindergarten and 340 words in first grade.  Each book is small with only the newest words the child is introduced to that week.  Children enjoy writing their names on their books, copying each sight word, coloring the sight words, and seeing each word in the context of a few child-focused, natural sounding sentences.  The children can practice reading the books over and over again.

Even though these wordbooks do not take the place of children’s literature, we hope they will encourage the children to start their own home library.

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Know & Grow Flashcard Rings

Since Sight Words need to be memorized by the children (and not sounded out phonetically), flashcards are very effective.  Each child benefits by having his/her own set.  Children will get lots of practice to build their word knowledge while keeping their hands busy.

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Green Banana Letter Tiles

All first grade classrooms have Bananagrams! Each bag contains the letter tiles a child will need to spell out his/her sight words. As part of the Know & Grow literacy program, these colorful lower-case letter tiles will be used for years to come!

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Sand Timers

At the end of each weekly wordbook is a page of new words that first-graders should be able to read in 15 seconds. To help, Friends provided all first grade teachers with 15-second sand timers for their students. It will now be more fun for children to practice reading by sight!

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A School of Fish for School

Some Friends got together and caught 100 fish for first-graders and 237 for kindergarteners.  Each fish is named a sight word.  Another volunteer built these nice varnished fishing poles complete with magnetic “hooks.”

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Word Grab

The kids reach into a wide-mouth clear jug to withdraw a word that they read.

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ABC Learning Tools

A teacher can give a child that needs to practice the alphabet, an ABC Learning Tool to take home.  The return of the items is on the honor system and not an added duty for the teacher.

Currently available:

2-in-1 Leapfrog Leaptop Touch

Leapfrog Scribble and Write Tablet

fish letter board game

alphabet flashcards

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Writing Tool

A teacher can give a child that needs to practice writing, a Writing Tool to take home. The return of the items is on the honor system and not an added duty for the teacher. Four are available.

Also available: Ruled dry erase boards with washable markers

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Little Free Library

The school librarian keeps the Little Free Library stocked with books for children to take home and keep.

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