Mystery Science Lab

The Friends of Dinsmore Elementary is proud to sponsor the Mystery Science Lab! We provide the annual subscription and all the supplies – both reusable and expendable – for all grade levels.

We at Friends understand that teachers often end up using their own money to purchase needed classroom supplies. The following reusable activity supplies provided by Friends are available to all teachers from the Mystery Science Lab.

All Grades

Mystery Science Subscription for the 2021-2022 school yearEntire school
Science Activity SuppliesQuantity
Binder clip, 3/4″ wide, small60
Binder clip, 1-1/4″ wide, medium25
Binder clip, 2″ wide, large60
Foot-long ruler, wood12
Foot-long ruler, plastic36
Sidewalk chalk in different colors96
Yard stick10


Science Activity Supplies Quantity
Craft foam, 1″ square 18
Ping pong ball12
Spray bottle15
Tennis ball6

First Grade and Second Grades

Science Activity Supplies Quantity
CD cases98
Ceramic coffee mug16
Compass, Frey Scientific easy-to-read, magnetic12
Flashlight with bright LED24

Third Grade

Science Activity Supplies Quantity
Buttons, plastic, 1.2″, large, 4 holes, mixed color30
Cardboard, 1″ square18
Dry erase lap board (for use as slide), 12″ x 18″, school smart pupil boards, white6
Half-dollar, coin18
Magnetic and not magnetic kit4
Penny, coin400
Ring magnet, 1.25″ round ceramic ferrite ring, 3/8″ center hole, 3/16″ thickness48

Fourth Grade

Science Activity Supplies Quantity
3x magnifying lense30
Dominoes, 28 pieces per game4
Jump rope, 12′ to 15′1

Fifth Grade

Science Supplies Quantity
Balloon corral2
Moon balls, 2″ styrofoam balls, smooth, on sticks12