The following objectives are what we are working on to accomplish our Mission and Goals. Each objective identifies the related programs and services.

Encourage teachers to request help removing obstacles to a student’s success and then responding to these requests.

    1. K to 2 Tutors
    2. Tutoring tools: sight cards, etc.

Invite the community to get involved with the school.

    1. K to 2 Tutoring
    2. School Beautification
    3. Partner with local churches and organizations
    4. Bring into the school individuals in the community who possess talents/knowledge the children would find interesting

Promote a sense of pride in the school.

    1. Improve outside appearance

Request outside resources and create partnerships.

    1. Write grants
    2. Solicit corporate partners

Enhance the school’s learning tools and supplies.

    1. Mystery Science subscription for all teachers
    2. Mystery Science activity supplies
    3. Tutoring tools: sight cards, etc.

Lighten the workload of teachers.

Assist the school staff and PTA with special activities and events, as requested.

    1. Balloon Twisting at Dinner with Santa