School Beautification

Dinsmore Elementary is an “A” school. Our goal is to make it look like an “A” school on the outside!

The school has huge grounds. It has been nearly 70 years since the school opened in 1952, and some areas have not been very well maintained.

The staff and teachers fear some prospective parents were “judging the book by its cover” and electing to send their children to non-award-winning schools that were better maintained. We at Friends believe our school should set an example to the children on how a property should be maintained.

For now, Friends has focused all the school beautification efforts on the areas viewable from Civic Club Drive and Old Kings Road. The map below highlights in green the focus areas.

Even the area viewable from the roads is huge and includes three main areas: the front office loop, the bus loop, and the courtyard. Thanks to donations by CSX Transportation, we’ve made significant progress!

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