Science Enrichment

Our Science Enrichment program extends beyond the Mystery Science Lab!

The following science learning tools are available to all teachers.

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Science Learning ToolsQuantity Contact
3B Scientific A10/1 Stan the Standard Skeleton w/ hanging roller stand1Ms. Zortea
3B Scientific F10 Eye 5 times full-size 6-part1Ms. Zortea
Classifying Clouds Photo Cards, Set of 164Ms. Zortea
Delta Education Barometer4Ms. Zortea
Delta Education Solar Hot Air Balloon4Ms. Zortea
Delta Education Weather Vane4Ms. Zortea
Didax Plastic Anemometer2Ms. Zortea
Dimensional Man 3D1Ms. Zortea
Eye BodyPartChart1Ms. Zortea
NewPath Weather and Climate Learning Center4Ms. Zortea
See-Through Sally1Ms. Zortea
Somso Human Urinary System Model1Ms. Zortea
Stethoscopes12Ms. Zortea
Taylor Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, Dual Scale4Ms. Zortea
V-Back Metal Thermometers, Dual Scale60Ms. Zortea