Participate in the school advisory council

School advisory council (“SAC”) meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend. Parents of Dinsmore Elementary students and Friends of Dinsmore Elementary are highly encouraged to participate. The meetings are a great way to learn more about Dinsmore Elementary!

The meetings are normally held the first Thursday of the month 4:30pm to 5:30pm in the Media Center. Registration is not required.

The responsibility of the SAC

To provide parents, citizens, faculty, and staff of Dinsmore Elementary an opportunity to participate in the development of educational priorities, assessment of the school’s needs, and identification of local resources that could support the school’s goals, mission, and educational priorities. SACs were not established to organize fund raising activities.

About the SAC

The SAC is a resource to the school and the principal. The term “advisory” is intended to mean (1) inquiring, (2) informing, (3) suggesting, (4) recommending, and (5) evaluating.

The SAC supports Dinsmore Elementary’s continuous improvement. The school advisory council, since it is advisory only, has some limitations: (1) it may not dictate school board or local school center policy, and (2) it must deal with issues rather than particular persons whether they are administrators, teachers, students, citizens, or parents.

SAC membership

The SAC officers and members are a dedicated team of people representing various segments of the community including parents, teachers, education support employees, and business and community members. The school principal is always a member of the SAC. It is recommended that the council consist of no more than 20 members. The intent is for a majority of the members of each SAC to be persons who are not employed by the school district. The council should be large enough to be representative and small enough to be productive. SAC meetings are open to the public.

How SAC is different than the PTA

Sometimes SAC is confused with the role of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The mission of the PTA is to be a voice for children; serve as a family and community resource; and to advocate for education. The targeted focus of SAC is to support school continuous improvement by connecting various segments of the community. There are areas of overlap because achieving the mission of the school is a focus for both groups; however, the two groups have distinct functions. Additionally, SAC is required by Florida law.

More information

The Duval County Public School website contains SAC information. Click here.